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These business etiquette secrets can put the unspoken rules of the game in the palm of your hand,

so you can…

Make more money

Get further faster

Always appear confident and in control!

Did you know that people categorize you by your manners, interpersonal skills and ability to recover from social missteps?

Once you’ve been identified as socially inept, the label sticks a lot longer than you might imagine?

Pocket Protocol™ a set of 5 “business card-sized” cards, spells out the silent rules of business etiquette in these essential areas: dining, email, telephone, small talk and introductions.

Best, because Pocket Protocol cards fit in your pocket, you can discretely review them any time you‘re feeling anxious or uncertain.

“My downfall was always small talk at office functions. After memorizing the Pocket Protocol ‘Conversation Starters’ card, I can now confidently initiate a conversation—even with top executives.”    —S. Sullivan, NY, NY


Odds are you (or someone you know) have made one out of three of these business comportment blunders…

  • Introduced a senior exec to a junior, instead of the other way around
  • Inadvertently sipped from your neighbor’s wine glass during a business meal and tried to decide whether to pretend no one noticed -or mention it
  • Answered your cell phone during a meeting

These aren’t “minor” mistakes. These are major etiquette mistakes that can cost you a step up the ladder.

You need Pocket Protocol™

Each is the size of a business card. Each puts the unspoken rules of business etiquette literally in the palm of your hand.

 “The Pocket Protocol cards are definitely a great idea and convenient.”
-Faye Reese, New York, NY

Want to get ahead?

All you have to do is memorize these simple cards, each focused on one of 5 essential business basics:

1. DINING: Never again be unsure which fork to use, where to put your napkin, how to show you’re finished and more.

2.  EMAIL: Learn how to make your mail meaningful—and answered!

3. TELEPHONE: People will look to you as the expert once you know these guidelines.

4, MEETING AND GREETING: You’ll be always assured of being in the know—even if you forget someone’s name.

5. SAVVY SMALL TALK:  Even if you’re shy, you’ll be able to start a conversation with anyone, any time, anywhere.

Once you master the ten tips in each of the above categories, you’ll wonder why no one ever told you about them before. You’ll know the proper etiquette for every major business situation.

The complete series of 5 cards is only $15 and comes in a free clear vinyl holder. Cards are 2 1/8” x 3 3/8” and are laminated .

Order the complete series of Pocket Protocol cards for $15 by clicking the link below:

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Pocket Protocol™ was created by Susan Sommers, a nationally known image consultant, certified business etiquette specialist and founder of Dresszing™, a wardrobing and personal branding company.

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